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Corporate Social Responsibility

A subsidiary of the Larena Group, HERBAL T benefits from over 30 years of expertise and experience in CLEAN LABEL plant extraction.

Over the past 3 decades, the Group has earned recognition from all its partners for its respect for the environment, its customers and its employees.

Our HERBAL T structure, based in Auvergne on the Naturopôle Nutrition Santé site, ISO 14001 certified for over 10 years, contributes through its development to the dynamism of our region in terms of job creation, and helps maintain local services in rural areas.

Herbal T, our managers and our team, by enforcing this Policy, are committed on a daily basis, to respect these engagements and to develop them through constant and militant involvement.


We believe successful innovation and industrial performance need to be sustainable, therefore our CSR Policy formally sets out our commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, following five guidelines


Listening to our customers to best satisfy their requirements

Societal and social

Listening to our teams and taking part in improving the local area dynamic


Following action plans for saving energy resources to preserve the environment.


Always looking for reusing and/or recycling solutions

Actions in favor of
responsible purchasing

Seeking out short circuits partnerships, organic channels, RainforestAlliance …