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Food industry
Food supplements in liquid form


Thanks to their organoleptic qualities and natural origin, infusions are popular with consumers, and have numerous applications in an ever-widening range of markets, including:

Soft drinks

Simple or concentrated infusions in aseptic packaging to add taste and color to your beverages.

The “infusion” label style is ideal to provide a homemade looking product.

Functional Drinks
with claims

This fast-growing market continues to expand with innovations tailored to specific issues.

Since 2019, Herbal T has been offering targeted formulas in line with consumers’ expectations of natural origin products: Immunity, Stress Sleep, Vitality ……

Cold Brew

Cold brews are now firmly entrenched in the American consumers habits and are expanding rapidly in Europe.

As early as 2019, we have developed a range of 4 references: coffee, green tea, white tea and rooibos.

Cold brewing
herbal teas

Our HTVE® process concentrates water-soluble natural active ingredients two to three times more. Combined with other plants, vitamins or oligo-elements, these cold tasted infusions can thus make health claims.

Hot brewing
herbal teas

For herbal teas enthusiasts, HERBAL T offers a range of over 40 plants, enriched by the HTVE process, with enhanced organoleptic characteristics and guaranteed active compounds content.

Organic markets

HERBAL T has been ECOCERT-certified since its creation, and develops plant extracts in dry or liquid form, from organic farming.

To date, 40% of our products are of organic origin (+25% / 2021).

Dairy and Plant-based products

Due to their features, our clean-label concentrated infusions embed naturally into dairy matrices and plant-based analogues.



Our clean-label liquid plant extracts are aseptically packaged for the ampoule, syrup and stick markets. This way, our products provide zero microbial load means and are easy to use for our customers.

Their high concentration in active ingredients renders them also rightly eligible for numerous health benefit claims.


New: Cosmetics

Following guidelines of excellence and absolute efficacy, HERBAL T processes guarantee the development of Premium plant extracts.

HERBAL T remains at your disposal to develop specific ingredients.