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premium extraction processes


Herbal T offers the very best in plants, starting from species selection and onwards, thanks to our collaboration with loyal growers and partners of high quality.

Our services are in strict compliance with the most demanding organizations specifications and respect both people and environment. In line with the commitments to the RainForest Alliance non-governmental organization, we provide work to producers whose livelihoods depend on the land, and help them to transform their farming methods. The quality of our products and our adherence to specific manufacturing rules also comply with Kosher certification specifications. We favor organically-sourced plants complying with EcoCert certification specifications wherever it is possible.


Registered origin teas from traceable sources

Black, Green or White tea (Assam, South India; Ceylon; China…)

And many other plants…

Hibiscus, coffee, mint (sweet and pepper), verbena, elderberry, mate, ginger, lemon balm, guarana, camomile ginseng, rosemary, grape marc, marsh mallow, lemon peel…


Dry ingredients process

Our HTVE (High Technologic Vegetal Extract®) process offers innovative, reproducible and sustainable dry ingredients for your infusions.

Our patented process concentrates two to three times more natural active ingredients than the native plant.
This technological process is divided in three stages:

  1. Aqueous extraction of two batches of plants.
  2. Concentration.
  3. Fixation and drying of the concentrated extract on a third batch of plants.

This final stage results in an enriched plant ingredient, available under powder or infusion cup form.

Process for liquid ingredients

Steps 1 and/or 2 above produce liquid ingredients, which we aseptically pack without the addition of preservatives. This allows the ingredient to keep for several months, naturally. We produce simple or concentrated infusions, according to customer requirements. Other technologies are also available, such as plate filtration and ultrafiltration.

We offer expertise at every stage of your project


Signing a confidentiality agreement and listening to the customer’s needs, leading to an exhaustive requirements specification

Sourcing of plant raw materials  

Research, selection, traceability, defining an identity card for our raw materials, partnering with providers from excellent supply chains, promoting short supply chains.

Feasibility study  

Technical, economic and regulatory approach

Extract development and characterizationt

In-house and group partners expertise allowing characterization and assay of molecules of interest

Industrial implementatione

From laboratory to pilot trials, and then to industrial scale: these are the fundamental stages we follow to best meet your specifications.


With its reliable, high-performance industrial facilities, Herbal T is the ideal partner to produce industrial batches.

Quality control

Characterization and control of plants from sourcing to final release of our products