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Aseptic non-concentrated aqueous infusions

Our non-concentrated infusions are aqueous extracts from rigorously selected plants. Our CLEAN LABEL process brings out the full flavor of teas and plants, while preserving all their organoleptic characteristics in a standardized way. Our innovative technologies have enabled HERBAL T to position itself for over 15 years as a key player in the development and manufacture of CLEAN LABEL ingredients. Packaged aseptically (no addition of sugar or preservatives), these infusions meet the global trend for ‘Light Sugar’, ready-to-drink beverages.

Available in ORGANIC and NON-ORGANIC

Concentrated aseptic aqueous infusions

We can also concentrate our infusions to provide our customers with ingredients with a lower incorporation dosage, while remaining just as effective, and bringing an economic gain.

Aseptically packaged (several packaging options available)

Available in ORGANIC and NON-ORGANIC

Cold brews (coffee, tea, …)

Herbal T offers a range of concentrated and unconcentrated cold brews: slowly infused in cold water, the flavours are gently released and all the taste properties are preserved.

Aseptically packaged (several packaging options available).

Functional infusions

The food industry is evolving nowadays, and this is accelerated by the COVID crisis.

Some foods are seeking to move into the nutraceutical field, to take a healthier approach. HERBAL T, for example, is part of a group whose core value is the promotion of sustainable health, and offers naturally designed functional infusions that are eligible for EFSA-approved claims.

These infusions are aimed at promising specific markets of customers needs, such as immunity, stress, sleep, vitality…

Aseptically packaged (several packaging options available)

Available in ORGANIC and NON-ORGANIC


Active-enriched plants for your blends

Herbal-T creates infusion solutions in an exclusive, 100% plant-based concentrated form, offering enhanced benefits: the infusion provides the herbal equivalent of 3 usual infusions and diffuses almost instantly, even in cold water.


  • Plant benefits reinforced 3x
  • Improved organoleptic quality
  • Possible health claim

Recommended use: Tea bags – Tea bulks – Capsule

Available in ORGANIC and NON-ORGANIC


Our R&D department is at your disposal to provide you with tailor-made formulas adapted to your specifications. We look forward to hearing from you!